Marijuana extracting can be dangerous with all those chemicals being used that can literally blow up in your face. What if you could just take what you want out of the bud without adding something to it? You can! Using the rosin technique which involves heat pressing on the marijuana, this  is possible. How do I press heat on the weed though? Well, you could use anything flat and hot really… though the most convenient is with a hair straightener!

Older techniques in this same vein included packing buds in a canvas bag (likely hemp( and held it over a fire until rosin leaked through. That was then scraped and smoked.  The earliest modern technique appeared in the early 60s when hippies began pressing hashish to make it easier to smuggle. An extremely potent “red oil” was scraped from the pressing plates, though the amount was too small to be marketed. No solvents being used means better tasting, higher quality marijuana.

Butane for example is highly flammable (obviously, we light the dab rig with it) so proper ventilation is crucial! Butane also sinks to the bottom of the room and tends to puddle. Just lighting a bong hit could blow the roof off.

To make dabs with a  hair straightener, also have parchment paper handy. Set it on med/low (between two thirty and three hundred) and once heated, put the weed in between the parchment paper (shiny side touching weed) so that metal does not touch weed and press down HARD (some use their foot) on the unit for a couple seconds. The clumps on the side are your wax! Well technically it is just melted trichomes, but hey, it burns clean! You want to keep the buds as whole nugs just to make it more convenient to do and less messy. You can also smoke the buds when you are done, though of course they aren’t going to be the best. The yield should be about 5% of nug weight in concentrate weight.