Unfortunately the girl we love has a slight BO issue. That doesn’t mean dump her though! We have to cope with her smell, which is easy once you see a few ways to do it.

  1. Febreeze or any other odor eliminating spray should work for  most of that marijuana smell, granted you are in a confined space such as your bedroom. The larger the area though, the more you need so maybe take it to the bathroom. That way when they ask “Why is the floor wet with Febreeze?” you can say “I took  a hearty shit”
  2. Spoofs are toilet paper rolls stuffed with dryer sheets that you blow smoke through. This is a cheap option, though it can be more effective by making an actual tiny carbon filter, like the one sold here. You can use paper towels by the mouth piece to make the sploof last longer and keep your lips off of the dryer sheets. Other people have even put socks around the tube.
  3. Use the exhaust vents to your advantage, which are usually in the kitchen and bathroom (not to use unless you live alone). These will be able to suck the smoke out in roughly thirty minutes.
  4. Vaporizers hardly emit a smell at all because the marijuana never combusts, so the smell it gives off is different than actual smoke, so also much easier to cover up with Febreze.
  5. Don’t smoke blunts and joints; use bowls! The weed stays lit when in a blunt, so smoke is constantly pouring off of it. With a bowl, you are able to cut it off between hits using a quarter or whatever to cut off oxygen, though some bowls come pre equipped with the lids. It also saves weed. Flavor blunts are the worst to use because of the added smell associated.
  6. Smoke a cigarette to cover the smell. As you exhale marijuana smoke, blow tobacco smoke into the mix of smoke. Make it ambiguous. You can also use this method when their is air flowing from another source with a pungent smell. Incense also work.
  7. Walk around as you smoke so that the smell is not concentrated if you are outside!
  8. Diaper odor eliminators placed near the area of smell will absorb most odors, though are more of a long term solution say if you need the house to smell good constantly for your landlord. Works especially great for your stash.
  9. Store your marijuana in glass, which does not have as many pores as plastic for smell to escape through.
  10. Constantly move your stash so smell does not linger in one spot. The smell of marijuana is detectable even once the item is moved for a couple hours.
  11. Use a fragrance set that has a cotton cord distributing smell into the room to put near your stash, making sure it does not spill. It is easiest to find the ones that fit in the wall plug ins and they are conveniently small. Just remove their lids.
  12. If you don’t want it on your clothes, smoke naked or in the fresh air! If you use body spray to cover the smell, only use a little. It becomes obvious when I smell Axe Chocolate and see nobody within 10 feet that someone smoking weed.
  13. Blow your smoke up! How is it going to reach you from there?! This should be implemented every time!
  14. If you live at home, wash your own clothes to risk chances of someone smelling them.
  15. Carrying joints and roaches emits more smell than unburnt weed because it … is burnt. Make sure at the very least you put a barrier between the joint and your clothing because PU it is going to linger.
  16. Cover up the smell of your breath with gum, drinks or like I mentioned above , cigarettes again.
  17. Do not touch your marijuana with your hands as much as you can, which means wearing gloves, using chop sticks, smoking from a bowl rather than joint, or any other way you can think off to cut down on molesting the Mary. Even get a grinder so you don’t grind it yourself. This will also keep your marijuana slightly more potent since you won’t be touching it, taking trichomes off with the oil in your finger.
  18. Store your weed near dog food. If there is a K9 unit searching your area, he will definitely find your weed, but the police will likely think he is really barking because of the food. You can trick cops; not dogs.
  19. Stainless steel soap is used by fishermans after the job to get rid of the smell and is used by many people with similar job interests and stinky hands. Some people have even used this under their armpits for BO, so it would work on your body to remove marijuana smell. Lasts forever and is cheap.
  20. Wear a hat or shower cap to cover your hair, which smell clings to.