In the United States, we burn fossil fuels to get going. This has created a volatile environment for us, such as sulfur and carbon dioxide constantly being released into the atmosphere which contribute to global warming and acid rain. Another issue is we don’t really have an unlimited supply of fossils… we can’t grow billions of year old animals who have decomposed right out of the ground, unlike cannabis.

So if we have a safer form of energy that we can start using today, why not? Why keep drilling for oil, destroying land and replenishing resources? If we used marijuana to fuel cars, we would actually be improving the condition of the planet and it would cost us less money to do so.

In 1937 the Marijuana Tax Act was passed,banning recreational and medical use of marijuana. Before that happened, Henry Ford used hemp fuel and even made a car partially from hemp. His first Model T was designed specifically to run off of methanol petrol from hemp seeds. Unfortunately, marijuana could have been fueling our cars all this time. The plant has a high level of cellulose which can be made into ethanol and methanol fuel which allow more combustion of the hydrocarbons, providing less lead. The cannabis conversion to fuel is also at a fraction of the cost of oil, coal and even nuclear energy.

The cannabis plant when burned does release carbon dioxide, but only some that was absorbed during its growth period. When we use fossil fuels, carbon dioxide that is released is from millions of years ago! Who knows what they had going on back then. Cannabis plants also produce well enough oxygen to counteract the dioxide.

Hemp has been used in the past to create biodiesel and bioethanol,  is more environmentally friendly to produce sugar, palm oil, beet and more. It can also grow in almost any climate and leaves the ground in a better condition than when it was planted there. It is much easier to grow than other plants, withstanding more stress, we are producing more yield,selective breeding is improving quality and more.

Hemp is able to produce ten tons of biomass fuel per acre in four months which can be converted to methane, methanol and gasoline costing as much as petroleum. Hemp produces 10 times more methanol than corn.