Any food you can think of, you can find it with cannabis in it. What is all the hype though? Why should I put my weed in a brownie when I can just smoke it? Well either way you are going to feel pretty good, but here are a few reasons why you may want to start snacking.

  1. THC is absorbed differently when eaten. When THC goes through the liver, it transforms into 11-hydroxy-THC which is more able to transport across the brain-blood barrier. Smoked marijuana goes directly to the brain, which is why the effects come faster. With edibles though, only 10-20% of cannabinoids are absorbed while inhaling cannabis will give you closer to 50%
  2. Edibles take much longer to kick in, but last longer.  The wait can be anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours with effects lasting several hours. Smoked cannabis will have you peaked in at least 10 minutes and should be work off in an hour.
  3. It is much harder to gauge the doses of edible marijuana. Since we become impatient when smoking , we will sometimes take too much because we think we haven’t taken enough. You have to be patient with edibles though and wait to see how they affect you. Many people also assume that they should eat the entire snack they purchase just like any other snack without regarding the dosing size. It’s a whole cupcake, but you may need to cut it in 10 pieces.
  4. You really can’t tell how much weed you are getting until you eat it. When you buy flower, you see exactly what you are getting and how crystally it is to get a good idea of the value, but with edibles… you just see an edible. It may not have weed in it at all. Unless it is regulated by the state, the expectations of the same product could be varied each time you use it.
  5. Edibles are healthier than smoking. There of course is the obvious benefit of not smoking and burning your throat, but vaporizing also can alleviate that for you. Edibles have longer lasting effects though which would be more beneficial to those using it as medicine and do not want to have to keep smoking hourly.