White flies are extremely similar to spider mites and fungus gnats in action, dawning the appearance of little white moths roughly two millimeters and size. They suck nutrients from your plant and can be easily dislodged by shaking the plant, then they fly around waiting to sit on it again. Best way to get rid of these is SM90 right before you’re turning the lights off in a 1/5th dilution.

Be sure to get the undersides of leaves where eggs are hiding. Like spider mites, they also quickly build an adaption to whatever kill method you use, so you may even want to approach it organically since these bugs are just so strong and annoying you don’t want to keep using chemical on it. They secrete honeydew like aphids which also comes with more problems like mold and other pests coming by to swoop that sticky icky up, not to mention the potential diseases on their feet.

They are found year round in outdoor gardens of southern and coastal , but in Northern areas they are only possible indoors. They are attracted to over 250 plant species including vegetable and ornamental, most commonly investing grape, poinsettia, potato, citrus, tomato and hibiscus plants. They will be found near the tops of plants.

Wingless nymphs will be flat, oval and almost scale like. In their crawler stage, they settle and attach to undersides of leaves to feed. In late spring, adult females deposit 200-400 eggs in circular clusters on undersides of upper leaves. In 5-10 days, eggs hatch and resemble small mealy bugs, moving a short distance from the eggs before flattening. Remaining nymphal stages 2 3 and 4 will not move, followed by a non feeding pupal stage, then in a week young adults. Nymphal stages are almost translucent and basically blend with the plant. The entire growth process is about 25 days, then they live 1 or 2 more months.

Preventative methods include yellow sticky traps which also help you gage how many bugs are in your garden as they all get stuck to the card, the bug blaster which is a specialized water hose for removing bugs, and predators such as lady bugs,use birdseed and bird housing to attract aliens and lacewings. For heavy infestations, use neem oil, botanical insecticide or insecticidal soap after using a least toxic short lived organic pesticide. Horticultural oils will smother pests to death so it is effective on adults and babies.

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