Though each bug is different and can be swayed differently, most bugs can be handled with just a few techniques. With any of the practices below, you will see less bugs easily. You can even overlap different methods to make it work better. Avoid sprays that use abamectn or indane which are harmful to mammals. When using chemical solutions, never let the solution puddle on the plant. Use a fine mister to prevent this. Puddling can cause chemical burn as well as stomas to be clogged which are tiny holes responsible for intaking nutrients. Spray your plant right before you put it on its night cycle or else the light can make the chemicals burn through the plant.

  1. Diatomaceous powder is fossil dust you sprinkle on top of soil or anywhere that is razor sharp to microscopic life, but harmless to us. This is an easy way to keep tiny bugs under control that you really can’t see that well. This is not effective to get rid of a strong infection and is better as a preventative method.
  2. Yellow sticky traps draw bugs over because of their color and trap them, which eliminates most flying bugs and also gives you a good idea of how bad your infection is.
  3. The Bug Blaster is a special water hose that removes bugs from your plant just using water.
  4. Get a cheap microscope to assist you in seeing small bugs that are hard to notice without.
  5. Many pests can be eradicated with SM-90 which side note also smells great.
  6. Neem oil is similar to this, except the smell is unpleasant and can leave an unpleasant taste when used during flowering. Also, it is harmful to humans.
  7. Spinosad is great for anyone who is clumsy or is  with pets or children because it is organic and does not harm pets or plants even if heavily doused! Do not douse your pets and kids though…
  8. Fine minced garlic and chili powder mixed with water can be sprayed on plants to repel bugs that hate the smell and taste of these.
  9. You can constantly keep azamax in your water supply to prevent bugs.
  10. Good bugs that eat bad bugs include:lady bugs,phytoseiulus persimilis,lacewings and more which you can attract using attractants or planting herbs such as: clover, mint, dill, fennel, catnip,yarrow or oregano.
  11. Try attracting the pests away from your garden by planting something better than your marijuana plant as far from it as possible such as: zinniasdahlias,cosmos or asters.
  12. Provide food and housing for birds like small trees that provide nesting room such as hydrangeasabelia,boxwoodsarborvitae and privet.
  13. Nopest strips emit a powerful vapor and should only be used if you are not breathing in the air around them.
  14. Floramite is strong with harsh chemicals and should be used as a last resort and is fairly cheap.
  15. Bleach solution one tablespoon per gallon of 95F pH balanced water should be used on the plant and surrounding grow area. You can also use alcohol with 30% more water.