Meow! Sorry for the Spongebob reference but I could hardly help it! Just like Gary, slugs and snails above the sea can get really angry and hungry! Quickly, your leaves and buds will be destroyed, though their movement is so slow! They also only come out during the night when it’s cool enough for their mucous covered bodies to not just dry up like a raisin, so they are tricky to catch because you are typically asleep when they are out! Here are a few ways you can fight them back, though!

  1. Encourage frogs, beetles and toads to visit your garden because they eat slugs. Build a toad abode by turning a ceramic put upside down and propping it up to create a small crack. Be sure there are no invasive toads in the area that will eat other toads and slow down the slug eating process, such at the Cuban treefrog often found in Florida. Create a backyard pond or marsh to keep them hanging out for life!
  2. Use physical barriers like , lime, eggshells, diamataceous earth or sawdust. These will hinder the snails and slugs by slicing them open and killing them, or at least make it really hard for them to get to the plants.
  3. They are attracted to orange rinds, milk and beer. Make a trap by mixing beer with flour in a shallow container no higher than 2cm from the ground. You can also use wine, sugar, juice or yeast mixed with water. The snails typically drown in the liquids since they are so slow to move out. Or you can buy slug controllers already made.
  4. Grab them when you see them! This is pretty obvious, but make sure you are grabbing even ones that are not around your plant. Any time you see a slug or snail, chuck it as far away from you as possible! They move slow but they still move , so get them away.