Here are the characteristics of the virus below so that you can stop it before it is too late

  1. Attacks many plants, including tomato, eggplant, tobacco, petunia, marigold, and marijuana.
  2. Infection causes light and dark green mottled areas on the leaves.
  3. mottling seen easily if affected plant surface is partially shaded.
  4. Stunting of young plants, distortion ,fern-like appearance of leaves.
  5. Older leaves curl downward and slightly distorted.
  6. Certain strains of the virus can cause mottling, streaking and necrosis of the buds.
  7. Infected plants are not killed, but they produce poor quality buds and low yields. Infected plants should be removed immediately.
  8. Tobacco mosaic is very stable and can persist in soil, plant debris, on or in the seed coat, and in manufactured tobacco products.
  9. The virus is transmitted from plant to plant mechanically.
  10. Aphids, no,though certain chewing insects transmit the pathogen.
  11. The use of tobacco products during cultural practices should be avoided to prevent inoculation of plants with the tobacco mosaic virus.