What are thrips?

Thrips are under 1/25th an inch with straw colored or black shells, two pairs of feathery wings and quick little legs. Found near fresh young leaves, particularly vegetables and light blossoming flowers such as roses, gladioli and onions. They look like tiny thread to naked eye and will swiftly move when disturbed. They will scrape at your plant to extract chlorophyll leaving leaves shiny with resin which attracts other pests, then generally splotchy and pale from nutrient deficiencies.

How do I get rid of them?

Easily gotten rid of with insecticides or predatory insects like ladybugs,though its natural enemy is the amblyseius cucumeris. Use SM-90 in 1/5th dilution for an easy fix. As a control method, try planting a sacrifice plant to swerve them away from yours, like one of the ones mentioned above and get some yellow sticky cards to catch many adults at once with one method.