Root rot is a condition more common on indoor plants with improper drainage and hydroponic systems caused by low oxygen mostly caused by temperature since low temperatures lower dissolved oxygen while high temperatures cause low levels, so keep temperature between 65-72F. This is often caused by Pythiaceae water mould including the genus pythium which was once classified as a fungus since if responds to many treatments similarly. It is part of the parasitic oomycete class that’s considered microorganisms. Root rot is typically reversible and can be prevented easily by creating an environment it simply can not survive in. When your roots start to turn dark brown, they are becoming rotted. They should stay yellowish white.

  1. This includes not letting your roots ever just sit in water.
  2. Keep your grow area as clean as possible and be sure to remove all dead plant materials.
  3. You can add beneficial bacteria products that do not harm your roots into your water such as Piranha, Hydroguard,Voodoo Juice,Great White, Jobe’s, Subculture B, Thrive Alive B-1, SeaWeed, Super thrive and more. Hydroguard is among the cheapest, but works very well against root rot like Subculture B. You never want your roots to get dried out, but they love getting a breath of oxygen for roughly 10-15 minutes.
  4. You can also add hydrogen peroxide as soon as you notice the problem to eliminate it.
  5. Also try removing infected pieces of the roots, unless they are essential tap roots that would stunt growth.