In many seed banks you will see feminized seeds for sale which guarantee a high amount of females. Feminized seeds are usually from female plants who are turned hermaphroditic with silver thiosulfate solution sprayed onto them. The resulting seeds are most likely to be females, however, these plants are also much more likely to turn into hermaphrodites when given the smallest amount of stress, such as a quick power outage or transportation.  This means seeds and less potent weed. GROSS.

Because of this, it is more economical to use clones from a female mother plant to get multiple females, opposed to buying seeds that can easily become eh. You guarantee a female every time that way as long as you can grow the first one to take the clones from. As long as you keep the host plant from flowering, you will be able to continuously take clones from it. You won’t have to worry about any males coming in to pollinate your girls while you aren’t looking since these are exact clones. There is still a chance of stress causing hermaphrodites, but it is much less likely than if you began with a feminized seed.

Make sure that males are always removed from your grow area. They will just pollinate your females, making them grow seeds. Any time the plant is growing another part of the plant, it’s not growing THC so keep your plant healthy and in order so that it can focus on the main objective.