Hemp seeds per 100 gram serving contain .88 grams of threonine . It is suggested to ingest roughly 1.03 grams per day, but toxic amounts can hinder liver production, causing ammonia toxicity from excessive urea ( so stay under 5 grams unless specified). Symptoms of deficiency include agitation, confusion, poor digestion, and fatty liver. Other sources include leafy vegetables, meats, grains and mushrooms. Below, I have listed a few ways that threonine helps you daily!

  1. Maintains proper protein balance and supports cardiovascular, central nervous, and immune system.
  2. Produces glycine and cerise, two amino acids that produce collagen and muscle tissue.
  3. Keeps muscles stretchy, particularly the heart
  4. Promotes strong bones, enamel and speeds recovery of wounds.
  5. Combines with aspartic acid and methane to help liver with lipotropin function or digestion of fats and fatty acids and without it, fat could build up in the liver and cause failure.
  6. Aids in production of antibodies.
  7. Helpful in treating depression.
  8. Treats Lou Gherig’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis. 7.5g daily has reduced spasticity among patients.
  9. Is comparable to valine and isoleucine in the fact that it is C-beta branched , meaning they have two non hydrogen substituent attached to their C-beta carbon and are much bulkier near the backbone confining them to more restrictions that the main-chain can adopt to, particularly the alpha-helical conformation.