In an 100g serving of hemp seeds, you should find roughly 5.25g of monounsaturated omega 9 fatty oleic acid. This acid makes the seed slightly less susceptible to spoiling. Also, a fun fact is that 25% of milk fat is oleic acid. Here’s another! Oleic acid is used to tell ants when each other dies. When placing a drop on a live ants head, it was dragged to the graveyard even while protesting. When she cleaned herself and returned, the ants continued to carry her away. This continued until she was able to remove all the acid.  Below are just a few of the different ways this acid can help you.

  1. Diseased rat hearts treated with oleic acid were able to restore  the hearts ability to properly store fats for fuel.
  2. One of two major ingredients in Lorenzo’s Oil, used to delay or prevent onset of ALD, a fatal genetic disorder in young boys and may even extend their life whilst using it  is oleic acid.
  3. Improved fasting plasma levels of glucose.
  4. Insulin sensitivity increased as well as and blood circulation that suggest diabetes control.
  5. Foods prepared with oleic acid will remain safe to eat for longer periods, even without refrigeration. Such foods include bakery goods.
  6. Reduced blood pressure.
  7. Increased expression of genes involved with fat burning.
  8. Protects cells from free radical damage.
  9. Prevents ulcerative colitis and generates brain myelin.
  10. Regulated the activity of adrenoreceptor signaling pathways that direct adrenergic receptors that help regulate blood pressure.
  11. Accelerated rated of complete fat oxidation.
  12. Decreased oleic acid is related to major depressive disorders, Alzheimer’s and cognitive impairment.
  13. Used in expensive cosmetics as moisturizer.