In a standard shelled 100g servings of hemp seeds,you will find 200mg of tryptophan, an essential amino acid that we must ingest daily! The reason we must ingest this daily is because our bodies do not store it for us. So, each day we must renew the essential amino acids that have been erased from our body.  Per pound of weight, you should ingest 1.6 milligrams of tryptophan, which is around 225 mg for a 140 pound person.

As you saw above, the one serving of hemp seeds already has 200 of that! Other sources would  include 390mg in a 4oz chicken breast, while 1 cup of cooked soybeans has 370mg itself. Though these sources are much higher than hemp seeds, you should take into account all the other amazing things found in hemp seeds along with tryptophan as well as bad things found in soy.

Tens of millions of Americans suffer from insomnia today, which can be relieved with tryptophan in a few different ways which we will explore in a bit. Other than tryptophan deficiency, modern insomnia is largely due to an increase in cellphone towers and other electronic devices that infect our brain with electromagnetic toxicity and prevents us from sleeping. Others have tried treating insomnia with purely melatonin, but lingering grogginess and nightmares are some unfavorable side effects of this treatment.

Serotonin is another way to get melatonin in your body, though tryptophan is needed to produce serotonin, which supports healthy sleep and stable mood. Serotonin has been used in the prevention of anxiety, insomnia and depression and also plays a role in memory, learning and regulation of appetite. It would be beneficial to boost your levels of serotonin if you notice mood instability or trouble sleeping, though it is helpful for multiple symptoms. Tryptophan helps us sleep, but has these other important benefits as well:

  1. Necessary for growth in infants.
  2. Keeps nitrogen balanced in adults.
  3. Treats irritable bowels, inflammation of the colon, hormonal imbalance, premenstrual symptoms
  4. Can curb appetite and unhealthy cravings for carbohydrates and alcohol.
  5. Will turn into niacin in a state of deficiency, though it requires adequate riboflavin and iron to do so.

Carbohydrates facilitate the passage of tryptophan across the blood barrier, so it is essential to have these in your diet as well (which is already in hemp seeds) . Vitamin B6 deficiency can also cause an inadequate supply of tryptophan, so make sure that this is in your diet as well (also found in hemp seeds).

Phenylalanine is a strong antagonist of tryptophan as well. Too much of this will cause a deficiency and has done so to much of America. Phenylalanine is an artificial sweetener found commonly in diet soda or diet food. Since these are incredibly popular in America where reading labels is not, many of us  are suffering from a tryptophan deficiency.

Long story short, extra tryptophan is something most of Americans can benefit from. Since our levels are much lower today caused by diet sodas and cell phone towers interrupting the brains rest, more of us suffer from insomnia than ever before, which in turn makes us crabby people. Get some easy rest of mind by adding hemp seeds to your diet!