Rabbits are cute and all, but what about when they kill your cannabis? Below, we are going to explore a few different methods if ridding yourself of rabbits. Each method has different perks and down falls, so it may be necessary to use multiple. It is important to know that once a rabbit clan becomes established in your garden, chemical methods are less likely to work. You are eventually going to have to scare the rabbits away physically. A good place to start would be setting up your garden in a way that actually pushes rabbits away!

During different times of the year, rabbits will be attracted to your garden by different things: During spring and summer, rabbits will be pilfering flower gardens, nibbling seedlings,eating grass,alfalfa,clover,beans,peas,cabbage and lettuce. In the fall and winter, rabbits are caught clipping twigs,chewing woody plants or shrubs,girdling bark of young trees and burrowing. Recognize rabbit bites by diagonal cuts normally a foot or lower on the plant. Rabbits should be removed swiftly! Just one couple of rabbits can produce 18 babies in a year.

Here are five different methods you can begin using to get Bugs Bunny running.

  1. A great method is the use of a sprinkler that shoots out random water and noise to scare pests away or one emiting a high pitch sound constantly. Feel free to make your own system at home similar to the one in the link. The idea here is to basically make the rabbit believe someone else is there, throwing water at it and hissing. Any sort of loud sounds and water throwing should work here, since rabbits are pretty skittish. A simpler version of this is running naked through your garden singing Tina Turner with a  water hose. You can also employ yourself a dog in the back yard to keep the bunny frightened, but this could end up pretty ugly if the dog caught said rabbit…
  2. A mesh fence is also effective but only when it is buried 10 inches below the ground so that they can not dig under and is 2-3 feet tall ,especially areas where it will snow, causing the ground to rise. Rabbits are more inclined to younger and more vulnerable plants, so save money by only guarding those .Be sure rabbits can’t apply force to your fence and bend it down to reach the plant.
  3. Dried predator urine and  blood, putrescent egg and other smells similar to dead and decaying animals or the scent of a scarier animal will send rabbits away along with other commercial repellents . This is because they think that a predator is near by attacking other animals. Use these near your plants and you can even put them directly on the plants, but not on the bud itself! Also, do not do this once you hit flowering because there is a chance it will still be there once you harvest. You can also make a barrier around the garden just to give rabbits a reminder in the beginning that there could be predators beyond that smell.
  4. Use rabbit traps (but be sure to check laws in your area). There are more humane options to go with that won’t involve killing the animal that I urge you to go with. Then, take that rabbit to the forest or something.
  5. Remove all lose debris and keep the grass short. Also, make sure all holes are filled in with gravel. This will keep rabbits from setting up shelter and forming an established base, which would make them harder to remove. Nobody likes being kicked out of their home.