Though you may not want to wait any longer once you get your new dab rig home to throw a chunk of wax on there, it would be in your best interest to take a second look at that nail and make sure it is ready to use. If your nail is glass, you should automatically be good to go. Ceramic should be fine without. Perhaps a quick rinse incase the company left a protectant glaze across the outside. Do not use glass that has been colored.

Apart from removing this garnish that is often on brand new nails, stoners also forget to add a little something back to their nail that will work in the same way. This technique is called seasoning. If I had to guess, I would assume that the name comes from the fact that it greatly affects the taste of your hits. For example, an unseasoned titanium nail would taste heavily like titanium. Quartz is said to require four times more seasoning that titanium before the taste begins to wear.   The seasoning also protects the nail from anything getting in or getting out of it, just like the protective layer from earlier. Whatever you season with is going to harden to plastic, essentially closing off all the tiny pores in the metal and protecting it from damage. This layer also prevents oxidation on the nail, which is a protective layer that the nail forms on it’s own. This will show up on your nails in a white powdery form . Supposedly this does not pose a threat to you, but the particles can become dislodged, which would make them a threat. Inhaling can be toxic to humans, and when smoking marijuana, you are doing quite a bit of inhaling.

Also, many of us have a bad habit of scraping the nail when we are putting wax on it opposed to just dropping the wax on there like a fat kid about to tidal wave the public pool. Not only does this increase the chances of oxidized particles dislodging and making it up your nose, but it also leaves behind metals particles that you can later also inhale. Always use titanium dabbers on titanium or use a glass dabber, not stainless steel. If you are going to leave metal behind, it should at least all  be the same kind. You don’t want to leave any, though so don’t be a scraper.

You can use almost anything to season your dab nail with as long as it will not go rancid (such as concentrated marijuana or vegetable oil). Other people have even used fruit preserves, salt and more. Basically you are exercising the same practice here that would be doing on a cast iron skillet. Anyone who owns one knows that on a unseasoned pan, you will come across difficulties such as the flavors of the meal you are cooking all soaking in opposed to just part and then your food tastes terrible. Look up seasoning recipes for those for some more inspiration, though a good idea would be to go with a nice neutral like coconut oil that will taste well with all your strains. This is a great alternative for those who do not have grams and grams of wax to lose just to season their piece with and would rather save their wax for their own enjoyment. Do not use water to season your dab nails. It will just steam away and not work, also supporting oxidation. A great suggestion would be hemp oil, so your nail even tastes like marijuana.

Your pieces will actually get seasoned naturally over time as you use them. However, to avoid a period of gross tasting hits, you might as well just nip it in the bud, lol. No pun intended. Each time you heat your nail, you ideally should be able to see towards the end of the hit as the concentrate pools up into a small puddle then dissolves  into the nail, not scorching and leaving ashes on top. This can take some practice to get down at first and even requires some knowledge on temperature, etc.If you are heating your nails too hot (such as that nice popular red color  that is around 1000 degrees), the wax will singe on top of it and leave ash. This is NOT seasoning your piece and you are actually wasting marijuana and losing seasoning. Each time you are taking a hit, you will lose some of the seasoning. If the hit you took just recently did not pool up and leave some extra to replace what it took, then you should be due for a seasoning soon. However, if you get your temperature right, you may never have to season again.

Blow torch directions:

Heat the nail until red hot, then let cool about 5 seconds until around 500F and spread material as evenly as you can around the piece. If the material is scorching, it is not working. It needs to melt into a liquid which will fall into the tiny pores of the nails. Use your carb cap to make this more efficient. Then, let the nail cool completely to room temperature. As it cools, the material you used to season with will harden into a plastic like substance in the pores that will effectively block them off against other things soaking inside. You will do this repeatedly until you have reached an optimal level of seasoning which will be dependent on your judgement. With quartz, there should be a noticeable from clear to cloudy difference.


Put your materials directly into the nail and put the entire piece in the oven on 400F for 20 minutes. Remember, you do NOT want the material to be smoking or torching. It should be melting and slightly bubbling if anything at all. This is a quick stick is and forget it way to season your nail. Then, you will let your nail cool down like in the original. Since your piece is going to basically keep its pores open the entire time, it will be able to suck in a lot more seasoning at one time and should not require multiple trips back, but make sure that you have loaded up enough material into the nail and check on it periodically to be sure that there is in fact always a layer of liquid on top of the nail as it is seasoning.

Remember, seasoning your nail is crucial to the taste of your hits and could even be a safety risk. You have options with what and how you will do it, but make sure you do it!

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