Well well well, look who is trying to get healthy!You came to the right place. An amazing quick way to improve your stoner life would be a new way to light your piece that doesn’t involve gas or open flames. Soldering irons can be used for concentrates and flower, some of them are even hand held. Be sure to get one with a  ceramic tip or a ceramic heating element, which you would have to expose. Do not heat your herb using metal tips. If you do not want to unscrew a few screws to expose the ceramic, you will have to fork out some extra cash for the Herb Iron, which has basically done just that for you. There are some other added benefits as well, but it is just as easy to buy a cheap one and remove the metal. The most popular for this is the Hakko Dash, which you can easily google to find other people removing the metal for a guide.

Now how should I go about lighting my marijuana with a soldering iron? It’s not rocket science, my friend, but there is some strategy:

  1. Once your soldering iron has reached temperature, place it flat onto the bed of weed, not just poking into it.
  2. Roll the tip of the soldering iron side to side as the heat evenly spreads.
  3. Inhale as usual, holding the iron on the bowl and rolling still
  4. Once you are about done with your hit, remove the iron and suck up the rest of the smoke.
  5. Put your hot soldering iron in a safe spot. Some even come with holders. Do not just set it somewhere expecting everyone else to be looking out for a tiny hot tip, or else someone will get burnt. When we are stoned, we are careless enough.

What are the benefits to using a soldering iron instead?

  1. Stays lit the entire time. You do not have to keep getting the lighter to ignite or turning a blow torch on and off. It just stays on, even if there is a strong gust of wind, it will not be effected unlike open flames
  2. No gas! Gas is dangerous for our health and dangerous to work with. There are many mishaps every year that become fatal. With the soldering iron, it isn’t going to blow up and it doesn’t flow a large flame. Just the tiny tip is hot, so unless you drop it, it is hard to hurt yourself. The taste of your herb will be pure when you don’t have to taste the gas as well and you are not inhaling dangerous carcinogens as often.
  3. Lower temperature. Since you are not dealing with an open flame and are able to concentrate the heat where you needed, the smoke will be less hot when it reaches your throat and much smoother.
  4. More THC. Since you are vaporizing the weed instead of it burning and scorching, you preserve many of the terpenes and cannabinoids that would have been wasted originally, which will get you higher with a  better tasting hit.

What sucks about using a soldering iron?

  1. It is not a portable option. Since most of them plug into the wall, unless you get a hand held. The cord also is a hazard to stoners who are prone to tripping. In more than one way.
  2. Stays hot. This is a benefit and a con, depending on who you are. Some of us are not responsible enough to have something that stays hot the entire time and would prefer to use a safe cigarette lighter.

Personally, I think everyone should have one of these by now. You get higher, cleaner better hits! Besides, you will really look like a pro stoner being your only friend with one. Though these are not always the most portable, they’re great to have at home, especially if you are someone that notoriously loses their lighters. Try losing a soldering iron! Too impatient to wait for it to heat up? Why not plug it in, then pack your bowl? It should only take roughly 10 seconds and will definitely be worth the wait when you see how much higher you can get off less marijuana!