If you got that loud, but you’re not too proud, you may want to hide it. We all love the smell, but that smell can get us into some big trouble. The stoners biggest enemy would be those gnarly German Shepherds . It is important that you understand that you can not trick a dog by covering the smell with another smell. Their noses are far more advanced than ours and actually smell each scent separately. So the dog will not accept the fact that that pair of gym shoes is making that smell because they know exactly what the smell is. You can fool the cops doing this, however. If you put your weed say into a bag of dog food, the cops will usually assume that the dog was distracted by the dog food, when in reality he’s saying “Hey losers, there’s weed in the dog food. Must be Scooby Snacks.”  Another tactic would be to hide the weed high enough so that the dog can not smell it, which is probably about ten feet so… yeah , just toss it on top of the roof.

Also, you want your container to be as airtight as possible so that the smell is not leaking out. Use glass because plastic has pours so that the weed can quickly escape.Some people have been caught with marijuana in their gas tank because the smell travelled through the gas and out the metal tank. The softer the plastic, the more pores it has.Marijuana also has a lingering sort of smell, meaning that even if you take it out of the car, the smell could still be intact. Because of this, NEVER store your weed in your car. Keep in in there for as little time as possible so that the chance of a lingering smell getting you in trouble is less likely. You would also preferably want the container to be light tight as well. Any light touching your weed is deteriorating it slowly. Get creative with your containers. Some people like to use film canisters, though alone, this does nothing for smell. Shove your weed into a flashlight; be creative. They even make fake soda cans, dog food, etc that are airtight and weighted to feel real. Also, whenever you are handling your weed, wear gloves so that you do not bring it around with you. One tiny little trichome is enough to send a dog sniffing.

Your piece may smell more like marijuana than your actual marijuana, so if you are traveling with it, keep it in an airtight container as well. You can pick up a charge for some resin. I know four people who were arrested for ASHES.

Shipping your weed to someone else is pretty dangerous and risky, but definitely does happen rather frequently and can be awesome if you’re a big time drug dealer.  One of the methods people use to cover the smell when shipping marijuana is wrapping it heavily with plastic wrap, then wrapping in a layer of ammonia soak towels, then again with the plastic wrap, repeating as needed until you are confident the smell is covered.

You have to also be conscious of the smelly smoke coming from your joint or piece. There really is no way to make smoke not happen, but you can reduce its effects. Some smoking methods are going to produce less smoke. Joints and blunts are terrible if you are trying to control your smoke because there really is no way to catch it. Some bowls however actually come with lids that covers the bowl in between hits, stopping the smoke which also will make your weed last longer. Burn an incense or cigarette about 5 minutes before you smoke it to mask the smell, but remember that that technique will not fool any dogs that may come over. Also, keep an air freshener close to your ashtrays or anywhere weed smell will linger. Do not get Febreze directly on your marijuana, though. I say Febreze because it eliminates odors instead of masking them.  Use specific air fresheners for smoke , keep the room ventilated, do what you can.

You can also make a device that will catch the smoke that you blow out of your mouth. Basically, all you have to do is shove a bunch of dryer sheets into a paper towel tube, put a sock around it and tuck the left over sock into the end of the tube. Put a paper towel in the end closest to your mouth so you do not come in contact with the dryer sheets. If you blow your smoke through this, it should eliminate most of the smoke and odor. This can be even more effective if you are able to make a sort of paper towel baggy at the end to catch excess smoke, instead of it just going through the tube. You can also buy these things, but less ghetto versions you can carry around called Smoke Buddies.Smell can linger on these though, so be careful doing that if you are going to be talking to any drug dogs today.

Vaporizing is a great method if you want to reduce smell because the vapors do not smell nearly as much as when you are burning the weed. Place your weed on a metal plate under a hot candle, then inhale the rising vapors using a funnel or something wide enough to catch all the smoke. You can even heat up a butterknife, then press it on to the weed and catch those rising vapors. Some people like to take all the metal out of a lightbulb and put the weed inside, lighting it from the outside then catching the vapors, but this method looks like you are doing a different drug to me. I guess you could really just put your weed on a spoon and heat it with a lighter, like a crack head in the Denny’s bathroom. You of course can also just buy a handheld or desktop vaporizer to make yourself look a little more legit.

When you are growing marijuana, it is imperative that you are able to control the smell before the cops end up at your house. You will not be able to throw all your plants on top of the ceiling before the dog makes it inside, so don’t invite them in with yummy smelly weed anywhere. As you should already know when you are growing weed, the plants need a lot of ventilation; a constant supply of fresh air. This is great for you because it actually gives you the opportunity to push all that air right back outside. The only air escaping from your grow room should be through your fan, because you can not tell the smoke that is floating under your door not to float to the front of your house, open the door and yell PIGS. Not just anywhere outside though should the smoke be; if you are sending air from your grow room outside, always send it straight up to the sky! Preferably, you want it to be releasing towards the top of your house. IF you are able to do that, the smell should linger about five houses down from yours, letting someone else deal with the situation. You can also try to filter the air, just like you filtered your smoke earlier.

Use activated carbon filters placed on the fans where they are sucking air in. You need to force all of the air through the filter for it to work.You can find activated carbon filters in your home goods store near humidifiers and hepa filters. Use this with a roll of aluminum screen or chicken wire, 1 four inch ventilation end cap, 1 four inch duct connector piece and 1 roll of duct tape. You will want to roll your wire about 4 inches longer than your filter, you want one empty aluminum tube surrounded by carbon filter, All this should be duct taped together, which one end being closed off with tape. Add the filter to a fan and it will remove smell, but make the fan slightly slower. You’re basically pushing dirty air up and out the filter. You can also use charcoal filters for fish tanks.

There are many other ways you can cover the smell of marijuana or even eliminate it by selectively breeding strains that do not have potent smells. Either way, always always be careful and looking out for new ways to not get busted.