One of these is actually legal; does that mean it is actually safer? No. Kinder Eggs were also illegal and they are only dangerous to idiot kids. In this passage, we will look over both and see that marijuana is most likely better than alcohol for you. The first con that is relevant to both is shitty coordination and balance. When you are high though, you are usually less active and on the couch, giving you less risk of falling and doing some Final Destination shit. We will start with the cons of alcohol though.

  1. You can actually overdose on alcohol, unlike cannabis. Your body does not metabolize alcohol as quick as you are slamming them down, leaving a toxic build up in the brain which will shut down necessary body functions such as heart beat and respiration. The amount of marijuana it would take to overdose is pretty much impossible. I think it is like 5000 joints in five minutes or something; impossible, but a challenge I would gladly do. You can definitely die within 5 minutes from alcohol poisoning.
  2. Alcohol is more likely to interact with other drugs in your body than marijuana, which could mean that your flu pills or something will not work correctly.
  3. Can lead to alcoholic liver disease that can progress to fibrosis of the liver and then in turn become cancer.You can also experience steatosis or fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis.
  4. A lot of drinking over time will damage the heart in forms of cardiomyopathy or stretching and drooping of the heart, arrhythmias or irregular heartbeat, stroke and high blood pressure. Moderate drinkers can enjoy the benefit of protection from coronary heart disease.
  5. Alcohol causes the pancreas to produce substances that are toxic and can lead to pancreatitis, or a dangerous inflammation and swelling of blood vessels in the pancreas, which prevents proper digestion.
  6. Your immune system becomes weak, making you an easy target for disease. You are more likely to get pneumonia or tuberculosis opposed to non drinkers. Drinking a lot at one time will affect your ability to ward off infections for over 24 hours!
  7. Increased risk of developing certain cancers such as in the mouth, throat, liver, breast and esophagus.

Cons of marijuana

  1. Raises blood pressure and increases speed of heart beat, which can also be a benefit if you have low blood pressure.
  2. Effects are not as well established. There is little research recorded.
  3. Smoking anything can cause bronchitis and chronic inflammation of the air passages. You can avoid this easily by vaping, using edibles or any other slue of opportunities.
  4. Can worsen psychiatric issues of someone predisposed to them. For example, those who tend to have suicidal thoughts can benefit, or they can be sent to killing themselves. It alters your thought process, like alcohol, but can show more effects after the drug has worn off.
  5. If you use marijuana under the age of 18, it can effect brain development and even negate iq points
  6. Since marijuana smokers smoke differently than tobacco smokers, the effects from tar and carcinogens can be worse. Stoners usually inhale 2/3rds more smoke per hit , inhale it 1/3rd deeper and hold it in four times longer. This gives tar more opportunity to settle and brings in more carbon monoxide. Marijuana smokers usually have about four times as much tar in their lungs compared to tobacco smokers since marijuana joints are usually unfiltered and inhaled deeper and longer .There are roughly 33 cancer causing particles in marijuana. However, no recorded cases have been made yet. It is believed that the health benefits of marijuana typically even out the cons. Since marijuana does have cancer fighting benefits, it is unlikely you’d get lung cancer. Carbon and tar increase your chances of lung cancer though, along with respiratory tract infection and bronchitis.

Looking over all this information, it probably seems in your best interest to avoid both. I am going to talk about my own personal experiences with both though to perhaps sway your mind. I have never really liked drinking alcohol.. the taste is terrible and I almost always vomit. Unless you only drink a little bit, you are going to vomit! It is poison in your body and there is no point in drinking a little bit because then you just stay sober. Drinking is fun while you are drunk sure, but it is a hassle to get the alcohol down your throat as it is (because of the taste) and it is even harder to keep it down! Both marijuana and alcohol make you act pretty stupid, but I think alcohol is worse. When I am high on potenuse, I still feel like myself, just a lot gigglier and happy, perhaps paranoid if we are smoking outside of the Cobb Theatre in front of the police ( marijuana doesn’t make you paranoid; it being illegal does)

So the hangovers and puking are an inevitable part of drinking. What is the downside to smoking that is similar? I have never ever puked from smoking weed and have never gotten any sort of hangover. The effects are definitely gone by the time you wake up, unless you slept for 4 minutes. To me, there really isn’t a point to drinking, since smoking is a much easier way to get enlightened. Also, no calories! The feelings like I mentioned earlier are relatively similar, but to me being high is a lot more comfortable… and less dizzy. When you drink, the room kind of moves around and your vision is wonky. The only reason your vision would be messed up on marijuana is because your eyes are like closed.  Also, someone just mentioning the name “marijuana” wouldn’t be enough to get me to puke the next morning, like with alcohol. I have had hangovers that lasted the entire next day. I wasn’t able to eat anything without keeping it down. MARIJUANA DOES NOT DO THAT. The only way you are going to have a bad high is if you make it that way. If you do not let go of your anger when you grab that joint, you are only going to make it worse. With alcohol this also happens, though. The difference is the amount of energy a drunk has compared to a stoner is usually more, so the high dude is less likely to go murder his ex girlfriends dog because she is dating someone else. A stoner would be like “Who was my ex girlfriend again?”

Marijuana is actually even mentioned in the old testament. God encouraged his disciples to use it to that they could see him and that is not the first religion to include cannabis by any means.  Also, marijuana does actually have a lot of health benefits, where alcohol does not. Marijuana can even be used as a textile or as food even! You can live your entire life off of hemp seeds! Beer, not so much. In conclusion, marijuana does have its downsides, but they can still be avoided. Heavy alcohol use though will never be okay to do! Why drink and drive when you can smoke and fly?(;