If you do not have a nail on you and don’t wish to use one, no worries! There are endless ways that you can consume your concentrate with materials you have at home or can find on the internet. Feel free to get creative and come up with your own ways as well, but keep in mind that you can waste weed through trial and error. Also, edibles are the most healthy way to take in THC and concentrates can be easily incorporated into your meals!

Vaporizer pens
These are so convenient to have that you may never need a dab rig at home! The Got Vape Basics start at $20 and come in a lot of different colors. It has re-chargeable lithium ion batteries, a USB charger, an auto shut off safety feature and more. Trippy Stix are pretty popular if you have over $100 to spend on a hand held. They include 5 second heat up times, 10 second cool down, a USB charger with lithium ion rechargeable batteries and many more cool features.I own a couple of these myself so I can have one charged at all times in case of emergencies, y’know. There are actually ways to rig cigarette vaporizers you get from the store to work as well. Think about it; basically all you need it to do is heat your weed to around 400, whatever duct tape you need to use to make it ;p

Titanium ladles
This minimalistic idea also makes it pretty easy, though archaic to enjoy our concentrates. This is basically a metal bowl on a pole that you heat, put in your bowl, then rub your concentrate all over that bowl while it melts. Essentially it is like a tiny little nail, but it’s a bowl that you can easily move around. I feel like everyone should own one of these because they are something that you do not have to charge to use or will break. Imagine you can’t charge the vape pen! How will you smoke? Well hopefully if you have a blow torch, this way. They are pretty small so you can just buy it and put it away until that dreaded power outage. They are also cool to have in case your tool breaks. You really could just use this to smoke with if it were on a fire safe surface and you have a bottle or something to collect the smoke, similar to taking knife hits. A benefit to these over traditional nails is they’re much smaller, so they heat and cool quicker.

Nectar Collector

Ever wanted to be a bee or a butterfly? Here’s your chance. Basically, this tool is a straw for you to drink up your wax with. First, you take the entire thing apart and fill the water reserve 1/2 way for best percolation, insert the mouthpiece first, then the titanium tip. All you do is heat your tip and then put it in a source of wax, like you’re a bird as shown on the box. The difference here is that you get extra water filtration to hold back some of the naughty stuff you don’t want and cool your hit. This to me isn’t portable because you would have to keep dumping water out of it, and it’s glass so not good. At home though, this is super convenient! Be sure to have your wax in a melt safe dish though, like the one it comes with. Don’t just shove it in one of those rubber containers or you’re gonna have a bad time. Your super stone will turn you into that promised butterfly. There are also simpler versions of this which are simply just glass straws that you heat and shove into concentrate. These work just as well, but will not provide the extra cooling of the water chambered Nectar Collector.

Dab Vac

This is pretty much like the nectar collector, except better. You buy the Dab Vac to attach to an existing piece; it is a bowl with a hose on it. You load up the bowl with concentrates, then you will use the hose to suck it up! Hit your bong as regular, heating up the glass tip of the vacuum and shoving it into the concentrate. Couldn’t be simpler!

Health Stone (or fish aquarium rocks)

The Health Stone is a totally awesome invention for portability! Basically, you heat and soak your concentrate into a rock, put that in your bowl and light and puff on it! You’ll be able to pass it around and each light it just like there was flower in there, so it’s a great way to share your concentrates with friends and stretch them out longer. If you choose to buy the pipe that they offer to use with it, it has a few advantages you may want to research such as a reservoir to catch unused wax so you can reuse it again. If you don’t want to pay for rocks, you can actually use any old rocks that would be used in a fish aquarium, the smooth ones though and with ┬áno color. You basically though instead are going to heat the rocks before you put the dab on them, using them like a natural nail, having them in your bowl already. This is not the most efficient way to smoke concentrates since that would be vaporizing, but definitely gets the job done.

Other options for you to quickly take up your concentrate would be to partially melt it onto a joint paper and then roll up some weed and smoke the entire thing. Others have even balled their wax up in paper and put it on top of their bowl, though this is an eh idea to me. If you decide to just put it on top of your bowl, try not to make direct contact with the flame. You want to heat it carefully to preserve the cannabinoids and terpenes, or high and flavor.

There are plenty more methods out there and with practice you can probably add to that, but remember that some ways are definitely better.