The first thing I want to say is STOP SCRAPING THE FUCK OUT OF YOUR NAIL WITH YOUR DABBER TOOL.You are damaging the nail and possibly leaving behind metal particles which can be inhaled rather easily since most of what  this hobby is is inhaling. Practice just dropping the concentrate into the nail. This can become easier if you use the refrigerator to firm the concentrate and use heat to soften it. A good quick source is your fingertips! Do not heat over 300 unless you are trying to get high from it.  Then you can just roll them into little balls and bombs away! This also is great because it gets the concentrate into the piece tons more quicker, which gives you more time to put the carb cap on and try to get a few more hits out of the wax, as opposed to if you are spreading the concentrate the entire time, not even having a chance to use the carb cap. Also if you have a quartz or titanium nail that is oxidized, you scratching on it will dislodge the toxic shit and go up into your mouth. Not good!

At this point, many you have probably most likely seen only metal dab tools, which are most likely titanium or ceramic unless they have a lot more money for some gold crap or something. Usually, these dawn the appearance of dental tools or are even sometimes dental tools since they are shaped so perfectly for this hobby. If you have a titanium nail, do NOT use stainless steel! You do not want to mix metal particles if you have to deal with them at  all, which you really do not. There are definitely more options out there so you can weigh them out. Which is cheapest? Which is healthiest? Which is more convenient?

To improve the malleability of your concentrate, remember that cooling it will make it firmer while heating it makes it soft. Be careful when heating your concentrate to achieve this so that you do not burn and waste any THC, which is pretty hard unless you’re up to like 300 degrees F. Remember, your own finger tips are a source of heat.


This is the favorite for a few reasons. It is pretty impossible to break these, first of all. You would have to be going out of your way to do it and I still don’t know how you would then. Also, since it has been the favorite so long, there are many more cool features available on titanium dabbers opposed to others such as little cookie cutters like on the Buddah Bomb which make it easier to deal with crumbly concentrates and solids, while the shovel on the end still scoops up the more liquidy concentrates. Make sure that you season your dabber just like your nail, or else you will risk tasting metal, and to a lesser degree, oxidization. Be sure to get medical grade stuff when you are doing this! You never know what that actually is! Just because it’s silver doesn’t mean it’s titanium.

This is mostly a joke, but one intuitive company does partially make their dab tools with wood. One benefit of this is that the tools are squared and will not roll when you sit them down. Also, your entire nail will not get hot when you use it, as opposed to using materials that transfer heat quicker than wood as a handle like all the rest of them. I personally like the one with the tiny clip that you can use to hold a roach or to store safely on the side of something.
Stainless Steel

This is also a pretty popular option because dental tools actually make great dabbing tools and are usually made of medical grade stainless steel. I have heard some things against using stainless steel as you don’t want to mix metal particles on the nail or something like that, at the very least this will affect taste. I mean I really would avoid all metals if possible just to avoid any confusion. There are also all sorts of crab and walnut tools you can find which would be assistive for your hobby, but be very careful with this. I have also heard that stainless steel when heated can emit vapors, but there are people with it inside their body holding together bones. I’m not sure how dangerous this can be, but there has been no raise for concern so far over this. These also come with a wide variety of features, but are not suggested for long term use with the suspicions above, especially since there are better options.


Quartz is basically the love child of titanium and glass. Quartz is much more durable than glass pertaining to pressure and extreme temperature. Also, even when quartz does break, it’s in a neat little pile of squares opposed to haphazard shards all over the basement. You want to season the ends of your dabber as you would your nail a couple times to improve the taste and discourage oxidization if your nail does come in contact with heat, which many do. Skipping this will result in a fresh taste of quartz in your weed. You can tell when the dabber is seasoned when it starts becoming more and more cloudy. However, these can be pretty impossible to find.

For the health conscious and not clumsy. These are extremely flimsy and make sure that they are heat treated, or else. They also make some glass dabbers that are pretty thick which could improve their durability and make them more prone to heat damage, but I would make sure that the nail works with it first as in you have a dome nail with a tiny hole and you’re just hovering this large dabber over the hot sphere like a hot dog waiting for the concentrate to drip down, then it misses. You can often find these with glass dishes as well, which are perfect for storing your concentrate in while you are hitting from it because those little rubber ones have a chance of just melting through. A popular source for cheap glass dab tools would be to just buy drink stirrers, no coloring involved. Though these are not heat treated and do not have little hooks and shovels to use, they are hella cheap and convenient to have around just in case something does happen to your favorite tool.

Carb Caps

These can be found in any of the materials and are very beneficial for anyone using a DOMELESS rig speficically. When you are able to trap the heat on top of your nail like a little pot, that allows you to heat the nail to lower, healthier temperatures which also preserves terpenes (flavor) and THC which would’ve been immediately combusted and wasted if you heated your nail to that popular red color which is roughly 1000 degrees farenheit leaving scorched concentrate on top wasted! That is too much considering all you need to vaporize is like 365 or around there, not taking into account how quickly the nail will cool. Many people have been able to lower the temperatures to around 400 degrees by using a carb cap to hold heat in. What’s really cool though is that you can often find the carb cap with a dabber tool built right in so all you have to do is stir, turn and cover. These are most likely going to be found in titanium, but ceramic and other materials are available.

So there you have it, several different types of materials for you to choose from and tons of new and exciting features on each tool!  Are you clumsy and need the metal? Do you want the functionality of a clip on the end? That is only up to you to decide and now you are informed enough to do so!