No matter what fancy store you bought your nail from, perhaps directly from Seth Rogens sphincter, you can NOT use it until you clean it! Not just because it was in a buttonhole, but because the companies actually put their own lubricant around the nail most of the time that will temporarily protect it from damage until you have it in your hands, or on your rig rather. In no way will this lubricant be safe for you, though.  Get the lubricant off and then if necessary, season your nail as well before it is used. That is most likely necessary.

This guide is about properly cleaning your dab nail since incorrect information is pushed frequently by silly stoners that can actually be corrosive to your nail, possibly even health. For example, some people like to use water to clean and season their piece by dipping into cool water after heating it a few times. All you are doing first of all here is making the pores of the piece open and close which is slowly deteriorating the quality of the piece, making is less able to hold heat and more likely to soak in more wax than you want it to (not including the wax that should naturally coat the nail with each hit). You must open and close the pores like this in all seasoning methods, but some sort of seasoning needs to get caught in the pores. You can clean your piece this way to quickly remove the crusted on matters, but it is really not recommended since it is increasing the stress put on your nail and they do not last forever.  This water method also influences oxidation, which can be corrosive to your health when inhaled (which you are obviously doing more than frequently if you smoke pot).

As mentioned above, some methods of cleaning are a lot more high stress than others. For obvious reasons, more vigorous cleaning methods would mean that your nail is taking a lot more damage. Imagine if your human baby was covered in sticky resin. You would not want to heat your baby to 1000F and dip it in cold water…granted babies are not metal, you should still try to treat your nail like a baby since you did still pay money for it and the condition of your nail directly influences the taste and your health as well as the overall value from the piece. I am fully confident that you would be able to make a nail last your life time as long as it was properly maintained, such as cleaning after hits each day. Remember though , you want that left over wax to melt into your nail and season it so I wouldn’t try to get it all off that way unless it was scorched matter that can light on fire and be dangerous as hell.

The granulated  salt and isopropyl method is very popular for cleaning basically all sorts of marijuana rigs, with the salt working as organic sandpaper. You would though have to put your nail in the bag and shake it up, then let it sit for a while. Unless you have been particularly lazy, this should cut away anything that is left over. However, I would try to just use the iso since you really don’t want to be scratching the metal nail, releasing its metal ions all over the place to get in our lungs or something dangerous. Keep your cleaning as MILD as possible to lengthen the life of your nail. Make sure that you let the iso COMPLETELY dry before you rinse it with water, or else whatever residue that did not yet evaporate will now just stick there and you will have to start over. Some of the left over resin in your piece could also be left over on the nail after cleaning it, which will most likely contain iso still which is why it is important to ALWAYS rinse after using iso because it is not fact that it all will always evaporate away. Iso is also highly flammable whether in gas or liquid form, so yeah be safe. Just take that extra step to save an extra bill.  Also, either have your windows open while doing this or go outside with it.

When ingested, it can irritate you in several ways like dizziness, respiratory distress, nausea, vomiting, headache, flushing and more. If you have sensitive skin, don’t touch or your skin will crack right off.  In a weedmergency, you can use acetone in the place of iso as an even stronger, yet bitter substitute. Do NOT dump it down the drain, though. For safer options, look into natural alcohols to clean with.You should know though that iso does have the chance of soaking into the pores of your nails and leaving residues behind. Just a quick brainstorm, throw your nail into the freezer perhaps before you start to clean it with the iso (in a sealed plastic bag to prevent water from getting in. That would pretty much close up the pores I think and then you can also let the mixture sit inside the freezer as it soaks.It would not hurt to try, but I doubt you will personally notice the difference yourself. Apparently, the alcohol also supports corrosion so limit your uses of this.

I mentioned earlier that you can basically just heat your piece all the way up to melt off most of the resin and burnt debris. DO NOT DO THIS WITH GLASS and perhaps some thin ceramics. Glass holds heat very well, but is not capable of transferring it across the nail evenly at an efficient speed which can cause the piece to burst since one area is changing temperature so rapidly. For metal though this should be acceptable to do, though not preferred still since you are stressing the nail by stretching it out. Then, a lot of people like to take this hot ass nail and drop it in room temperature water. That is not something I even  have the balls to attempt at my house; I feel like there would be a lot of steam or something… so I would say to just let the nail cool by itself instead. The water supports oxidation anyhow! If you are desperate however, go for it.

If you are having difficulties removing your nail from the rig, try heating the nail right at the base of it where it is entering the rig. This can help loosen it , but be careful not to sling your rig across the room to remove the nail. It would be a sad day for you to go through all the trouble for nothing. Titanium should not rust during cleaning or ever, so if it does, send it to the left to the left. Do NOT clean and scrape at your dab nails with metal, or if you must, use titanium on titanium nails. Glass is preferred, when treated for heat because it is not leaving behind metal, which I think I have mentioned like three times now.

So basically the only good cleaning method for your nail would be to just maintain it and not have to clean it at all. This can be hard because it relies a lot on the temperature of the nail. With a little practice, you will be able to get a perfect hit that looks like this: towards the end of your hit, your concentrate should not just be going up in vapors, but should form a little liquid puddle in the nail. This is not only adding seasoning back into your nail that also works as a protective layer, it is doing the opposite of what most stoners do which is heat the nail red-hot to 1000 and throw the wax on , letting it burn and scorch on top which will actually remove protective layering from the nail. If you can keep doing that, you will not have to clean the nail since what most people usually have to clean is that burnt shit. If the burnt shit never happens, you get more value out of your weed and less responsibilities! So just keep in clean and healthy guys!